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a world opens when you accept yourself

Yashi Singh

Yashi Singh

a world opens when you accept yourself



New book, spiritual not religious, for those who are seeking answers. The Hermit out now!

Yashi Singh is the author and poet of books that blur the lines of conventional genres. She delves in both fiction and non-fiction. Poetry remains her forte. The paperback and kindle digital versions of her books are available on Amazon.

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Her first book was a lovestory Sandhya and Arambh. Her second book the Black Rose Blossoms is a poetry collection which delves in meta-physical themes . The book is divided into carefully crafted sections. Each section talks about a stage in the spiritual journey of a flower, a dark Gothic black rose bud hidden in the wilderness.



The Hermit spiritual not religious book by Yashi Singh
The Hermit


The Hermit-some quests of a spiritual kind

A spiritual not religious book that is meant for readers who are looking a new and refreshed take on spirituality. For the reader who is searching for deeper truths.

Why me ask three lost souls too tired of seeing answers. Will God reveal Himself or is He going to wait for these three to to reach awareness required to understand God or will He offer some miracle fix?







The Black Rose Blossoms metaphysical poetry by Yashi Singh
The Black Rose Blossoms

The Black Rose Blossoms: una antologia

Beautiful metaphysical poetry. An anthology that speaks effortlessly to the heart. Beautifully crafted poems that seamlessly flow in a thematic fashion. The poems are about desperation and hope, skepticism and faith, spirituality and love, humanity and harmony, life and death, inner and outer reality, and a journey that leads to personal and universal revelations. It is written in sections. Each section alludes to a phase in the life of a beautiful black rose. How it came into being from a  dark gothic bud to spiritual blossom.






Thinking the Right Way by a self-help manual for success by Yashi Singh
Thinking the Right Way – a critical approach to solve life’s problems

A self-improvement book. A self-help manual for success. It is a set of critical thinking techniques to steer clear of depression and anxiety. A step-by-step guide on how to work out solutions to your daily woes and create a life you always desired simply by the power of well-thought out planning mechanisms.

The booklet lists logical reasoning methods to simplify complex problems of life.  So you’ve been beating your head out all your life to get rid of your lazy, complacent or lackadaisical ways. Are you a perpetual thinker, a big-shot at procrastination? Looking for some quick tips to end your woes? This one will help you hit the nail on its head.









Sandhya and Arambh a short romantic lovestory by Yashi Singh

Sandhya and Arambh: A New Age Romance is a short lovestory set in modern day India.
A tale of an Indian Couple in a live-in relationship and their decision..
When your love is tested, how you easily you call it quits?
How far will you go to seek sanction?

It is also about taking a dig at your lover just to tease them and fighting for no reason. It is to fight amorously and in those fights finding your balance. A take of love, courage, faith and acceptance.

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